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Sam, Clementine the Cavalier and Margot the Cavapoo

"Margot and Clementine really enjoyed being trained by Helen. She is kind, patient and infinitely brilliant at training. We all looked forward to her training sessions.

Helen gave us notes and encouragement to continue the training between sessions and after the sessions had come to an end. Margot, Clementine and I continue to reap the rewards. We all recommend  Helen highly!"

Caroline and Midge, the Havanese

"Helen has been in our lives since our Havanese reached about 2 years old, he is now 7. He is very anxious and rather unsociable, and particularly dislikes men, puppies and most (but not all!) boy dogs.

Whilst he learns very quickly and is eager to please, letting people into the house and us being able to handle his behaviour whilst people were in 'his territory' was a real issue. Also, taking him for walks was a bit of a nightmare. 

Helen has patiently and diligently befriended and reassured him during training sessions. She has worked with our dog, and just as importantly us, his human family, teaching us how to behave and react in certain situations and suggesting ways to overcome problems in the house and whilst out on walks.

He will never be a 'perfect dog', but life has become easier and more pleasurable thanks to Helen's methods. Life in the house is safer and more peaceful, and walks are, more often than not these days, a pleasure. We will be eternally grateful to her."

Hazel and Gus, the Dalmatian

"Helen has recently been helping me to train my very bouncy Dalmatian. As soon as Helen entered the house, training started and my dog responded immediately, which amazed me.

Helen was very calm, softly spoken and understanding of my dog's body language. She has given me knowledge of how to handle my dog with positive impulse control.

She has given me great ideas of how to play with him and to keep him distracted under conditions that he may have found stressful.

Now that I have been given the understanding of his behaviour, life for both of us has become much easier. 

I highly recommend Helen as a great dog trainer."

Jane and Willow, the Labrador

"We have known Helen for many years and she has cared for our various dogs with great commitment and reliability. 

Our new puppy has stayed from an early age and benefited from Helen's expertise and experience in training methods. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other dog owners."

Camilla and Gallie, the Labrador

"I have known Helen for over 15 years and she was my dog walker / sitter for most of that time. My own Labrador, a rescue case who had been badly treated and was initially very nervous, was walked by Helen on the occasions when we were away and stayed with her on many occasions.

Throughout that time, my confidence in Helen was absolute - she is truly a natural with dogs and her time and attention are 100% focused on their needs. All the dogs in Helen's care are completely happy and relaxed and I have been constantly impressed by her ability to gain the trust of even the most nervous dog and to turn around the behaviour of those who have 'issues'.

My own dog adored her and never had the slightest issue going to stay with her! Any dog in Helen's care is in truly safe hands and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer. I can't imagine trusting my own dog to anyone else."






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